what service can a lease extension provide you with

Once you have signed the lease agreement you are bound to return the property under use after the period mentioned in the agreement is over. This can be undone in the ways if the tenant is interested in renewing the agreement, changing the terms in it or is willing to extend the lease.

The lessee looks forward to a real support by the real estate broker or the agent who carries out the procedure of lease extensions and purchase of freehold by leaseholder. It is usually carried out in two ways:

1. The first one is conducted personally by the lessee. He or she can go directly to the property owner and talk to him or her about the extension process. Making the decision of extending the lease agreement within good time proves to be less expensive.

2. The second way is to hire a broker or an agent and let him do the task. The agent first talks to the lessee about the legal contract and its terms. He asks him about his interest in the property and why does he want to extend the lease. Once all the information is gathered, he then goes to the owner and conducts a conversation with him.